Expedited Service | Cross Border Expedited Service | Fast Shipping
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Expedited Service

Jackpot Logistics Inc. makes it easy to get fast shipping throughout Canada, the U.S. and for cross-border transport. We use reliable trucks, experienced crew and streamlined services to ensure your shipments are delivered on time for your schedule. For last minute scheduling, emergency services and general expedited service, we offer the best options for your company and your customers.


24-Hour Shipping

Overnight and 24-hour shipping are made possible with our team of seasoned drivers and loaders. By putting two drivers behind the wheel of one of our reliable, eco-friendly trucks we’re able to offer continuous transportation for your goods in a safe, secure manner.  This also eliminates the need for vehicle transfers which also take up more time.


Cross Border Expedited Service

Our knowledge and experience with laws governing cross-border freight services makes your fast shipping even simpler. We have all necessary forms available to print with expert broker services to ensure you get the right documents without delay.


Superior Fast Shipping Tracking

Watch your shipment in real time with our state-of-the art tracking. Instead of just fast shipping, you get an expedited service with a much more accurate delivery time. This cuts down on stress for you and your point of delivery. You allow other to access the shipping tracker or send precise updates as needed.


Emergency Expedited Service

When the unexpected happens and you need emergency shipping, our logistics experts will work with you to get the absolute fastest delivery options. Our team can ensure the quickest route with accurate tracking anywhere in Canada and the U.S.


The Jackpot Logistics Inc. Advantage

At Jackpot, we believe that you only get back from your company what you put into it.  This is why we consistently upgrade our equipment and vehicles to be the most reliable possible and to get the best performance out of them. Our expedited service is made possible by using only the best, ecofriendly vehicles. Call us at 1-855-557-5857 to find out what the Jackpot Logistics advantage can do for you.