LTL Freight Shipping in Ontario | LTL Freight Quotes
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LTL (Less Than Truckload)

Jackpot Logistics Inc. specializes in LTL shipping and will work with you to create a schedule that allows for affordable, on time delivery of smaller shipments. With LTLs, you get superior flexibility in distribution and shipping options. With a full truck load requiring up to 26 pallets or 40,000 lbs of freight, the LTL alternative allows more companies to get their products where they’re needed.


Benefits of LTL Freight

Greater Options: Depending on what you’re shipping, LTLs can be more cost-effective and offer you and your customers more convenient options. With an LTL, you’re able to take up as much or as little of a truck’s 40,000 lb. weight limit or 26 pallet capacity.

Faster Delivery: fewer stops and easier weigh-ins equals out to faster shipping.

Cost Sharing: Since multiple companies will be sending their products in one truck, you’ll be able to split more of the costs.

Additional Services: Companies which offer FTL shipping exclusively, typically don’t offer the variety of services like LTL freight shippers do. This includes things like door-to-door delivery, freeze protection and delivery notifications.

Reduced Chance of Damage: FTL shipping is more likely to result in damaged product since packaging is less meticulous.

Good for Small Companies: Often, FTL simply isn’t an option for many companies. LTL shipping allows us to serve more companies with superior options.


Products that Work Best with LTL Freight

While LTL shipping works for a wide range of products, the ones that offer the most cost savings are: 1) items that can be palletized and 2) sturdy items which can stand up to having other items stacked on top of them. Furniture, for example, would not be a good candidate for LTL since it is awkwardly shaped and can be easily crushed by other items.


The Jackpot Logistics Inc. Advantage

For all your LTL needs, our logistics team will work with you to solve any shipping issues while keeping your budget and schedule in mind. Call us at 1-855-557-5857 to request a free quote.