Owner Operator - Freight Shipping
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Owner Operator

Want to work for us but use your own truck? We’d like that too! At Jackpot Logistics, we value drivers, their vehicles and the role they play in making our company run. Our comprehensive and competitive pay packages compensate you for using your own truck as well as for your time. Our professional team is here to support you and your vehicle with the best dispatchers, technology and more.


Benefits to Owner Operators at Jackpot Logistics

  • Group health care options after 90 days of driving with us
  • Competitive wages to make paying expenses easier
  • Allowances for maintenance, fuel and other expenses incurred, including access to a company fuel card.
  • Fair and knowledgeable dispatchers
  • Multiple hauling lengths and options
  • Options to lease your truck to Jackpot for added benefits including: provided trailers, consistent weights, cash advance options, and fleet rate insurance policies.
  • Signing bonus and other incentives as you continue driving with us
  • Free inspections of your vehicle


Payment Package

Owner operators who work for Jackpot Logistics are compensated in several ways: Basic mileage fees combine with discounts on maintenance, fuel allowances and other perks to make our pay packages competitive for both new and seasoned drivers.

We continuously look for drivers and owner operators who have the experience, professionalism and skills to enhance our team. Jackpot is dedicated to your success and will do everything possible to make driving with us a positive and rewarding experience.