Trade Show Shipping | Show Freight
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Show Freight/Trade Show Shipping

At Jackpot Logistics Inc., we know how important trade shows are to the success and growth of your business. This is why we take special care in our shipping and handling of your show deliveries. We expertly wrap, load and deliver your displays, prototypes, products and more so you can concentrate on the multitude of details necessary to make your trade show presentation a success.


Are You Choosing the Right Trade Show Shipping?

When trade shows in Las Vegas, New York and other places are set up, an official shipping company is chosen by the organizers. This company is awarded a contract and attendees are encouraged to use their services.

Unfortunately, the company chosen is able to charge higher rates because they have less competition at that point. They may also not be as experienced in cross-border shipping. Choose Jackpot Logistics Inc. for your trade show shipping in order to get superior pricing, more diverse services and better, individualized service.


Area of Service

We specialize in cross-border shipping and proudly provide service to trade throws throughout Canada and the U.S. Our connection with the Toronto-Chicago lane makes trade shows in Chicago easy and convenient for customers from many parts of lower michigan, Toronto and more.  We service trade shows within this route and beyond, including trade shows in Las Vegas, New York and other popular destinations.

Additional Services: We support our Canadian and U.S. shipping with speciality services, including wrapping and palletizing, storage, door to door pickup and a variety of options to keep your shipping running on time.


For shipping to trade shows in Chicago, Toronto and beyond, contact the experts at Jackpot Logistics Inc. We make it easy on you by streamlining the entire loading, shipping and delivery process. Call us at 1-855-557-5857 to request a free quote.