Temperature Controlled Freight Shipping Services
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Temperature Controlled Freight

Our refrigerated or “reefer” truck fleet allows us to safely ship your temperature-sensitive goods throughout the year. Each truck is built to maintain consistent temperature while upholding environmental standards so you can trust them with even your most sensitive items, such as frozen foods, dairy products, medical supplies and more. We take extra care in updating and caring for our refrigerated truck fleet to ensure your goods arrive in perfect condition each time, every time.


Multi-Compartment Reefer Truck Options

Each refrigerated truck comes equipped with up to three compartments with full temperature control. This is ideal for when you need to ship multiple items at separate temperatures, such as wine, cheese and ice cream.

Freezer/Reefer Truck: Colder temperature settings can be used to keep things either mildly cool or completely frozen. This can be adjusted depending on the outside temperature to conserve fuel.

Heated Reefer Truck: Despite the name, a refrigerated truck can also be used keep things warm or, at least, keep them from freezing. These have a variety of uses, including shipping wine and delicate produce during harsh winter months.


Refrigerated Truck Transportation You Can Rely On

Jackpot Logistics Inc. knows that all shipments are important, but that temperature-controlled parcels are particularly vulnerable to damage. This is why we frequently check and upgrade our refrigerated truck vehicles to ensure they can hold consistent, reliable temperatures.

We also take precautions when there is extreme weather and will ship with caution or delay shipment to ensure the safety of your products when necessary. Our state-of-the-art tracking system allows you to monitor your shipment and get real time notices.

To learn more about reefer truck shipping for your products, fill out our convenient contact form or call us at 1-855-557-5857 to speak to a knowledgeable Jackpot Logistics Inc. representative.