Testimonials - Freight Shipping
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Our customers love our green approach to shipping!

“I chose Jackpot because my company produces natural juices with sustainable farming methods and I wanted a trucking company that held the same values we did. I was happy to find that Jackpot took great care in reducing their emissions which resulted in both fuel savings and cost savings. I loved being able to tell customers that we were using more eco-friendly shipping methods to distribute our products and will continue to use Jackpot because of this.”

~George C. – Toronto area shipping coordinator


Our easy cross-border shipping…

“I found Jackpot after we chose to widen our distribution to include Canada. Up until then, we had been using fairly limited, local delivery and paying more than necessary. Jackpot’s logistics team was able to help us sort through the necessary documents to make shipping across the border easy and cost effective. I can’t imagine shipping without them and will definitely continue to use Jackpot from now on!”

~Eric Salvador-Chicago


Reliable, temperature-controlled shipping…

“Jackpot Logistics allowed us to increase our available shipping months with their refrigerated trucks. Before this, we could only ship our temperature sensitive goods (chocolate candies and cookies) during cold months because shipping was too expensive with other methods. This has helped us increase our customer base and up our business. I would definitely recommend Jackpot to anyone who needs temperature-controlled delivery. “

~Maxine R.


And consistent customer service…

“Jackpot has always give us reliable, accurate delivery windows and charges. We love getting quick answers from their responsive team and being able to track our shipments with their great tracking system. “



“Great service! Jackpot made it easy to ship within Canada and across the border. They were able to answer all my questions and able to breakdown my options for the fastest vs. cheapest shipping.”

~A satisfied Jackpot Logistics Inc. customer