Warehousing and Distribution | Ontario Warehousing
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Warehousing and Distribution

At Jackpot Logistics Inc., we strive to offer you the best in warehousing and distribution options to streamline your supply chain. Our distribution warehouse facilities give you flexible options for temporary and long term storage. Security measures and specialty services make it possible to save more time and cost by allowing us to handle the logistics and hands-on efforts.


Distribution Warehouse Features and Services

  • Dry Storage: Items that don’t require temperature control can be stored in our spacious and secure dry storage area.
  • Climate Controlled Storage: for higher value items and products that are sensitive to extreme temperatures, we offer climate controlled storage space. Here, we ensure your items stay above freezing and below 29°C (85°F).
  • Door to Door Service: Make your distribution easier with our easy pick-up services. We pick up your items and deliver them directly to your customers or to our warehouse for later distribution.
  • Secure Storage: We ensure the safety of your products with advanced smoke detection, sprinkler system and camera surveillance.
  • Flexible Distribution Warehouse Sizing: No matter how big or small your storage needs are, we work with you to create the most convenient warehousing and distribution options for you.
  • Wrapping and Palletizing: Wrapped and palletized products are easier to store and ship with less possibility for damage. We make preparing your goods fast and easy by offering onsite wrapping and palletizing.
  • Cross-Docking: We quickly unload and load your items from one truck to the next to free up cargo space and get your shipments moving faster.
  • Third Party Consulting (3PL): We help you manage your supply chain with our comprehensive logistics consulting.


Reliable Warehousing and Distribution

Jackpot Logistics Inc. makes the safety and timely delivery of your goods our top priority. Our security measures, experience and insurance allow us to offer our customers peace of mind for even the most difficult of shipments. To learn more about what we can do for your distribution warehouse needs, call us at 1-855-557-5857.