Who We Are - Freight Shipping
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Who We Are

Jackpot Logistics Inc. is the answer to “how do we get our products to customers on time and on budget?”  We make this easy for our customers by streamlining shipping and logistics services including door-to-door pickups and flexible warehousing options. We believe in creating individualized solutions that meet your schedule, budget and handling needs. From lightning fast expedited services, to budget-friendly bulk shipping, we strive to make all our shipping options the best for your business.


Our Expertise

We specialize in worry-free, cross-border shipping on the popular Toronto-Chicago lane. Our connections within this important distribution route allow us to offer superior rates and faster shipping times to both Canadian and U.S. customers. We also streamline all paperwork and other requirements for cross-border shipping to make this even easier.


Eco-Friendly Trucking Fleet

At Jackpot Logistics Inc., we believe Canadian trucking companies should strive to offer the widest range of shipping solutions while maintaining a green approach throughout the distribution chain. This is why we are committed to putting money back into our company to upgrade our fleet with the most fuel-efficient vehicles.

With newer trucks, we can follow strict emissions protocol, use less fuel and provide a shipping experience that’s better for our customers and the environment. This also results in more reliable transportation with fewer repairs and breakdowns.


Canadian Trucking Companies You Can Trust

To continue being among the most reliable, we continuously strive to provide the best shipping and customer service in Canadian trucking. Companies appreciate our approach to individualized solutions and our attention to detail which allow us to finetune shipping routes, delivery times and door-to-door services.


Our Guarantee

At the heart of who we are is our guarantee to our customers: that we will work tirelessly to keep your products secure and delivery on time. We take pride in the part we play in helping our customers keep promises to their customers, and place the utmost importance on ensuring the success of your shipments.

To learn more about what Jackpot Logistics Inc. can do for your business, fill out our contact form or call us directly at 1-855-557-5857.